Order a Motorized Float Tube

Fishing Float TubeFor more information or to order a Motorized Float Tube, please contact us:

Dave Hale:
Phone: 778-878-4979

Did you know you can purchase a starter Motorized U-Tube for as little as $649.00, contact us for details.

  1. U-TUBE ONLY - $360.00
    Personalized with gold embroidery 12 letters (our logo is in gold embroidery)
    Custom colours
    Made from 600 Denier with PVC coating (rip resistant)
    Heavy gauge rubber bladder
    Accepts all accessories and attachments listed below but not included
      Hull and motor
      Biminis top
      Side Console
      Variety of pouches
      Strap on paddles

  2. 1/8" Aluminum Hull with 18 lb Thrust Motor - $385.00
    Heavy gauge inflatable rubber seat
    Pulse width modulator variable speed controller
    Water tight gold electrical contacts

  3. Two Batteries - $160.00
    19 amps each
    Water tight connections with gold contact to avoid corrosion

  4. Retractable Biminis Top - $130.00
    Protects from all the elements
    Opening rear window (Suggest this should be ordered at the same time as the tube is ordered to ensure you have matching die lot)

  5. Side Console - $100.00
    Beverage holder
    Rear View Mirror
    Placement for Depth Sounder
    Rod holder for fly rod or smaller spinning rod.

  6. Wheels for Hull and Tube $85.00
    The wheels slide and lock onto the hull.

  7. Fold Down Oars - $110.00
    Oars fit in one pocket

  8. Depth Sounder - $140.00
Plus applicable taxes and shipping and handling

Biminis Top for Fishing Float Tube

Our Fully Loaded U-Tubes Include:

  1. Float Tube with heavy gauge rubber bladder

  2. Aluminum hull with air seat

  3. 18 lb thrust electric motor

  4. Two batteries, 19 amps each

  5. Depth Sounder

  6. Biminis top with mosquito screen, double layered top and water tight.

  7. Rod holder, beverage holder and depth sounder holder, rear-view mirror all in one.

  8. Wheels & Carrying Case

  9. Pockets with two cooler pack inserts.
Total cost for one fully loaded unit - $1450.00 plus applicable taxes.
Shipping and handling included in BC.